Book Giveaway! (The Little Prince)

You may have read my post raving over The Little Prince, by Antoine Saint d’Expury. Honestly, it’s a book I think everyone should read once. It’s whimsical, beautiful, childlike, and profound. That’s why I’m running a free book giveaway! Great news: there will be one lucky winner who will receive a copy of this book. Exciting, right?

Here is what you have to do to enter.

  • Follow our blog
  • Like and comment on another post

And for each one of these non-mandatory things you do additionally, you will receive another entry!

    • Follow our Pinterest
    • Like a blog post
    • Comment on a blog post
    • Share a blog post (via email, instagram, google, tumblr, Facebook, etcetera!)
    • Shout out this blog on yours! (Worth three entries!)


You guys have a ton of options for interacting and entering, so I’m looking forward to getting things buzzing and talking more with you all! Your support means so much to me, and I appreciate how all of you help me grow my blog and integrate more into the literary community here.

Comment below with each thing you did to enter, and if you want, share with me what you’re reading- y’all know I always love to hear.

I will announce the results in two Saturdays. Happy entering! 


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