Current Reads, Bookshelf Adoptions and TBRs

Hello lovelies! Today I’d like to take a moment and share with you my current reads and future reads, and the stories of their adoption into my shelf.

The last new book I read was Memoir of a Geisha, by Arthur Golden. I found it at a Goodwill for a couple dollars. The pages have gently yellowed, and the color on the cover’s edges has started to slightly rub off, but aside from that, it is in good condition.

The last book I reread was Walden, by Henry David Thoreau. This book was a graduation gift to me from a very beloved teacher (and now, friend.) When we went over the transcendentalist writings in English class, she noted my interest and accordingly encouraged it. I read it in a hammock in the forest within two sittings, cocooned by the sound of birds and rustling leaves.

The poetry compilation I am currently reading is The Book of Twilight, by Pablo Neruda. I was given a very generous gift certificate to the Strand bookstore (a New York bookstore with eighteen miles of shelves. I think that might be a bit of heaven.) Anyway, after hours of peaceful foraging, this was one of the books I emerged with.

The novel I am currently reading is East of Eden, by John Steinbeck. I acquired it from a used bookstore in North Carolina. The place smelled like apples, and the book is clean of any scent except that faint, crisp aroma.  The copy is fairly unused. The edges are intentionally deckled, which instantly endears me to the format.

The next book I plan to read is actually one I’ve read before, though the last time I encountered it was years ago. When I was at a local bookstore, I found a weathered copy of Ivanhoe, by Sir Walter Scott. It was printed in 1964 and has a 60 cent price marker as part of the original cover. It has an extremely strong ‘old book’ smell.

What have you been reading? Comment below and let me know! 


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